Experience higher yields with DONMARIO

Here’s what farmers have to say about DONMARIO:

“My experience with the DONMARIO has been nothing but positive. We used a little bit last year and we’re going 100% DONMARIO next year. I would absolutely recommend other growers to grow DONMARIO.”

Adam Schmalshof, Avon, IL

“My experience with DONMARIO is that they have brought some of the best beans to market that we have seen.
We have both the Enlist and Xtend soybeans that have increased the yields on our farm at least 10 Bu/A from
where we were previously.”

Pete Gill, Wyoming IL

“DONMARIO’s Enlist beans performed really well both as a full crop and double crop. My full crop yielded 70 Bu/A and my double crop brought in about 55 Bu/A. DONMARIO brings some of the best high yield soybeans I’ve seen in a long time. I’d recommend DONMARIO to any soybean grower looking to increase their yield”

Farmer in Mid-MO

Plant DONMARIO with confidence

What makes DONMARIO unique?

  1. Our products are tested in 36 testing locations in your backyard
  2. DONMARIO conducts multiple tests in each strip trial location: Planting date trials, Seed population trials, Row spacing trials, Seed treatments trials, Factoring in 20+ environmental variables in each location.

How does DONMARIO’s unique approach bring value to you?

  1. Testing in localized areas to help you select the best genetics for your environment and farming practices
  2. We can recommend the best planting date, row, spacing, seed population, and more, so you can attain the highest yields possible