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We Started With Humble Family Beginnings

DONMARIO began as a small family business in 1982, by two brothers, the Bartolomé’s, who wanted better soybeans for their fields. Since launching in 1982, DONMARIO grew quickly and soon earned its reputation as a brand that seeks better soybean genetics and soybean management practices for soybean farmers. Independent testing trials, countless third-party evaluations, and most importantly: farmers’ consistent success with DONMARIO soybeans continue to drive our passion and success today.

The foundation for our success is simple. Develop the highest-yielding varieties for local geographies. Uphold an uwavering commitment to seed quality standards that surpass all industry standards. 

Genetic Potential Drives Yield

Farmers who start with the most powerful seed genetics strengthen their opportunity for higher yield potential. DONMARIO exists today to create the world’s best soybean germplasm. We currently sell 16 million units covering 16 million acres each year. With over 40 years in the soybean industry, DONMARIO is serious about soybeans.

We believe farmers will love all the qualities and options DONMARIO brings: exclusive genetics, top-notch soybeans, and a determination to continue bringing ever-better beans to American farmers.


We're a Dedicated Team Producing High Yielding Results

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